Shadow Puppets
Patrick Elkins has performed in 100's of Puppet shows in the states and as far away as Indonesia. Not only will Patrick perform 2 Different Shows, he will also help kids create their own puppets as well as lead them through a performance of their very own! 
Yoga (check out schedule page for times) Sera Underwood has trained in India and throughout America in order to unlock the vast potential that dedicated practice reveals.  Sera has over 300 hours of training in India, the birthplace of Yoga, and is starting another 300 hour course here in Grand Rapids to further her Knowledge in the field of her True Passion. Let her share it with you!
Balletmore brings explosive movement to the stage in its second performance at the Cowpie Music Festival!  Balletmore will also be performing new works to a variety of music genres, performed by it's own ensemble members who are dancers ranging from 7-20 years old. The Balletmore ensemble is known for its creativity and innovative choreography, entertaining and bringing joy to audiences through their passion for dance
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18 TeePads on

9 Baskets

Combination of  open 

and tight wooded fairways with fun elevations changes. 

3 cups


1 Dobro

2 Big for the backseat

1 Banjo

4 Paul Bunyan

As seen

at ArtPrize

2 tbsp.


1½ cups