Cowpie 2015 – August 7 & 8!

Howdy Cowpie fans!

Well, open your pie holes and let out a cheer, Cowpie Festival is almost here!

We’re back with a bigger line up, made possible by the return of the second stage. The new stage is right next to the main one. Talk about a seamless transition! One promise we keep is tickets are still cheap. $30 for the weekend or day and as always, the most beautiful festival camping in Michigan is free! As the kids say, “that is so awesome!”. I’ll see you in the near future in the pasture.

Love to all,
Farmer John

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Regards From Our Friends in past years…

“Big thanks to all the workers and bands! We drove out from Iowa for our 8th Cowpie! BEST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR!”
– Sarah Walton Hanson

“Clang the CowBells, 2013 is gonna be here real soon. See ya in the Pasture!”
– Bob Deline

“As a virgin to the Cowpie, All I can say is, why didn’t someone tell me about this before? I arrived early Friday afternoon during the rain, had to be towed through the mud, camper and truck. I thought the weekend would be a complete mud fest! I was impressed (actually in awe!) with the staff and organizers of the fest to get it cleaned up! MY HATS OFF TO ALL OF YOU!!!!! I will be attending every year from now on!
THANK YOU!, for a great time!”

– Michael Champion

My first Cowpie Fest, my body aches, can barely walk another step, after slip slidin to get into the parking lot the cars full of mud, Yeah, I had a Blast and look forward to next years! Great Music, Food, Drink and People! Thanks to all involved!
– Tom Miller

“Great time love the changes… see you next year”
– Michael Hurley

We had a great weekend. Excellent music, food and people! Well done”
– Win Merrill

“Well now, that was fun.”
– Jim Rodery (Dangerville)

“A big Laurel and Hardy handshake to all the organizers, volunteers and promoters of The Cowpie Music Festival! We had a blast!”
– The Concussions

“Crane wives kicked ass! Love them! Great show!!!”
– Joe Cartoon

“We love Cowpie! What a great time! Beautiful location, hot bands, wonderful organizers and sense of community.”
– Alejandra O’Leary