Cowpie 2014 – August 8 & 9!

My Dear Cowpie Fans,

So… We told you to SAVE THE DATE, and hopefully you did! Cowpie will be organized as a fundraiser this year for Cowpie (yes, we are still way in the hole), and for a couple of our friends who could use a “wish.”

We will be asking BrianLorente_crowdEVERYBODY to pitch in financially–volunteers, vendors, and even my family.

This year, we are joining forces with our friends at Hughstock, which enables us to offer a very reasonable ticket price of only $30 per person for 2 full days of music, camping and fun!

As we get more organized, we will post more details. There are still some snowballs in the attic.

I look forward to seeing you in the pasture August 8 & 9!

Farmer John

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Regards From Our Friends in past years…

“Big thanks to all the workers and bands! We drove out from Iowa for our 8th Cowpie! BEST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR!”
- Sarah Walton Hanson

“Clang the CowBells, 2013 is gonna be here real soon. See ya in the Pasture!”
- Bob Deline

“As a virgin to the Cowpie, All I can say is, why didn’t someone tell me about this before? I arrived early Friday afternoon during the rain, had to be towed through the mud, camper and truck. I thought the weekend would be a complete mud fest! I was impressed (actually in awe!) with the staff and organizers of the fest to get it cleaned up! MY HATS OFF TO ALL OF YOU!!!!! I will be attending every year from now on!
THANK YOU!, for a great time!”

- Michael Champion

My first Cowpie Fest, my body aches, can barely walk another step, after slip slidin to get into the parking lot the cars full of mud, Yeah, I had a Blast and look forward to next years! Great Music, Food, Drink and People! Thanks to all involved!
- Tom Miller

“Great time love the changes… see you next year”
- Michael Hurley

We had a great weekend. Excellent music, food and people! Well done”
- Win Merrill

“Well now, that was fun.”
- Jim Rodery (Dangerville)

“A big Laurel and Hardy handshake to all the organizers, volunteers and promoters of The Cowpie Music Festival! We had a blast!”
- The Concussions

“Crane wives kicked ass! Love them! Great show!!!”
- Joe Cartoon

“We love Cowpie! What a great time! Beautiful location, hot bands, wonderful organizers and sense of community.”
- Alejandra O’Leary